Hi there. I’m Travis.

I help men figure out how to cut through the b.s. that’s holding them back, and start moving forward towards the kind of life they want to have.

I’ve been keenly interested, since I was a teen, in creating a life where what I long to give is exactly what is being asked of me; where there’s a perfect alignment of who I am and what I’m doing; where nearly everything I do feels like play time, yet it keeps me challenged and growing. And for the most part, I think I’ve achieved that pretty well. I started a business 20 years ago that I’m still passionate about and have honed the skills that allow me to help others by finding the best ways to keep myself and the people I work with motivated and excited to wake up every day. In addition to being a business owner, I’m a certified life/ transition coach. I’m also trained in strengths development, neuroplastic meditation, and stress management: everything needed to figure out where you want to go and how to get there.

When I’m not busy helping guys find their purpose and belonging, you can find me scaring myself on a mountain bike or snowboard, or tearing up curves on a weekend motorcycle ride. Sometimes you’ll find me in the garage hand planing a big slab of wood for a tabletop. And I’ve been known to obsess over finding the perfect IPA. Help a brother out and send me your suggestions for the piney-est, grapefruity-est IPA you’ve ever had. Seriously.

I serve people, usually men, who love making a difference, but hate not knowing what their next step should be. Or, they may know what their next step should be but can’t seem to take that first step forward. My approach is pragmatic, quick, free of b.s., and fun. If you’re ready to get to work, give me a shout or check my class schedule.

Or better yet, get to work right now.  Download a simple three step plan that I use to free up energy and momentum when I feel stuck.  You can use it to start moving forward immediately, and begin getting the life you’ve been looking for.

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