I just read a Facebook post from an organization that I follow, Action For Happiness.  The post reads, “Being able to accept things as they are doesn’t preclude us from trying to make things better too.”

I like that. Accepting things as they are simply means you are not in opposition to them.  You may still want things to be different, but you accept that the situation is exactly as it is right now.

So often though, we’re very quick to get into a fight with the things we don’t like.  We challenge them to an arm-wrestling competition, or start a shouting match.  All the focus is on them: what’s wrong with them, what they’ve done wrong to us, and how many ways they are bad.

This can sound like, “Man, I hate my job.  They don’t appreciate all the effort I’m putting in.  I don’t think they don’t respect me.”

Or even, “I’m 20 lbs over weight.  Why can’t I just lose the weight?  What’s wrong with me?  Why am I so lazy?”

Fully accepting ‘what is’ is the first step to finally making things better.  Giving our energy over to griping, worrying, or wishing is a waste of time in the end.  It keeps us locked in the status quo.

When we’re able to calmly accept the truth of what is going on…

“Hmm, yes, this isn’t really the best job for me any longer.”

“Yep, I’m 20 lbs. over weight.”

…then we are able to move forward and get what we actually want.

“Ok, I’m going to start looking for a new job.  But this time, what am I going to look for in an employer so I don’t get into the same situation again?”

“My 20 extra pounds aren’t going away by wishing.  How can I make losing weight fun so I can finally get rid of this extra weight?”

I know I still find things I spend almost all of my time ‘thinking’ about when I could be using my energy instead to find solutions.  When I look back at all the time and energy I’ve spent spinning my wheels, well…it’s kind of embarrassing.  But we all do it.  It’s human nature.  Thankfully, as humans we have awareness and we’re able to use that awareness to change our course.

What’s one thing you’ve been fretting over?  Can you let go of opposing it and simply accept it as a fact – right here, right now?  If you’re able to accept it, can you identify and commit to one action that will begin to move you in a new direction?

Today – right now – is the time to commit to having the life you want.  Do it.  You’re worth it.  Your very own heart is asking you to be your best.