Stress is unavoidable. But how we deal with it is the key to being either healthy and productive or wiped out and unmotivated.

Stress pushes against us and asks us for a response. If it’s constant and we’re not able to respond appropriately and get a break, it can wear us down. I doubt this is news to you.

When we get stressed out or worried or fearful without any resolution, our bodies are continually flooded with stress hormones. These hormones, in order to get our bodies ready to fight or flee, greatly slow down our digestion (don’t need to digest right now, just need to fight.). They also slow down our immune system (no time for healing, time to fight). Our breath can become shallow (pausing us, so we can be aware of danger), so our blood isn’t as oxygenated as it should be.

And did you know that our brains use nearly 20% of our body’s resources? Depleted resources to our bodies mean depleted resources to our brains. Not a good scenario.

If stress keeps building up with no relief, it can alter our health and wellbeing in very negative ways.

Keeping a handle on stress and effectively shedding it as needed keeps you healthy and strong. Being in control of your stress makes available to you all of the resources at your disposal, allowing you to make clear decisions and experience more happiness and fulfillment. Being relieved of built-up stress will leave you more energized, relaxed, and creative.


If you’re like a lot of people, your life is busy and it’s hard to find time to de-stress. Luckily there’s a simple 20 minute exercise that you can do a few times a week that will shed built up stress. It’s called TRE®, or Trauma/Tension Release Exercises. Teams of TRE® practitioners travel the globe helping people in war-torn or natural disaster areas deal with their trauma and stress. The technique is easy to learn and quickly effective. It can be done anywhere, any time, to shed built-up stress. People, myself included, report that they feel instantly calm, relaxed, more peaceful and connected. It’s done wonders for my sleep.

I’m trained and certified in TRE®, and would love to teach you this revolutionary and mind-blowingly simple method of deep and lasting stress relief.

You can learn more about TRE here.

Check out my calendar of upcoming classes, or better yet, start reducing stress and free up some energy right now – for no dinero, and virtually no sweat. Download here a simple three step plan that I use to free up energy and momentum when I’m feeling unmotivated.

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