Lately I’ve been awash in not-knowing.  This has come about by an intense focus on trying to figure things out.  I’m learning that this is totally okay, and actually may be preferred.  As I’ve been pushing to get my coaching practice up and running, I’ve been pushed to the edge of what I’m comfortable with over and over again. And it’s been great!  It’s felt like entering a maze made of carefully balanced cardboard walls.  Once you lean up against one of the barriers, it simply falls over.

Have you heard the saying, “If something is true, it’s opposite must also be true?”  This lesson has been whapping me upside my head for months now.  I felt like I was caught between two Rock’em Sock’em Robots.  Most of the things I thought were ‘too big,’  ‘too hard,’ and the big one: ‘I’m not good at that,” not only turned out to be completely false, but completely the opposite of what I thought at the beginning.  What I though was too big or too hard turned out to flow along and become easy once I got moving.  What I thought I wouldn’t be good at, I found I could exceed what I thought I was capable of, and in ways I hadn’t even thought of.

The biggest lesson out of all this is I’m now seeing that the things I shied away from were actually some of my greatest assets and talents.  Weird, huh?!?

Here’s a link to a fun video that illustrates a slightly different, yet hopefully parallel, description of what I’m trying to explain.

What are some things you’ve discovered that you were actually pretty good at, where before you thought you had no talent?

If you’ve been wrong before in assessing your worth, how can you trust your negative self-talk now?   Hmmm?