You know that feeling when you want to move ahead, but you seem to be stuck?

Maybe you have an idea – a plan even — for a new business, but you can’t seem to get it off the ground. Maybe you’re facing retirement and instead of feeling excited about your new freedom, you’re feeling unneeded. Maybe you’ve gone through a divorce and you’re finally free to do whatever you want but can’t get motivated to make a plan. Maybe you just need a change, period, and can’t find the motivation to make it happen.

Or maybe you’ve been able to put some big, needed changes in motion, but you seem to be fighting against the tide. You’re not sticking to commitments or you’re procrastinating too much. Maybe you’ve committed to adopting a healthy lifestyle but keep skipping workouts, or you find yourself eating the wrong foods after weeks of eating healthy.

For whatever reason, you’re stuck, blocked, seemingly unable to move forward despite badly wanting to.

You’re not alone. Growing up in Western society, we’re taught to tow the line, to fall into step. For the most part, we’re pretty good at doing that, but when it comes time to walk our own path, it can be difficult to find our bearings. Often this enculturation, in the form of ideas, opinions, obligations, and scripts from the past, pop up and keep us tethered to a life that’s no longer working for us. It’s like trying to learn a new skill with the wrong instruction manual. You need a new manual.

Luckily, neuroscience is learning amazing things about our capacity to change how we think and act. Rather than relying on willpower, endless repetition of affirmations, or brute force to make big changes, all you need to know are some simple techniques. They’re easily learned, and once you have them down they become almost second nature and instantaneous.


It’s entirely possible to get your brain working for you instead of against you. Your thoughts and decisions can be certain and fluid. You can keep commitments you make to yourself. You can focus your attention with creativity, freedom, and effectiveness.


I’m trained and certified in Neurosculpting®, a technique used to heal trauma in returning soldiers and reduce stress in first responders. It also helps overcome cravings, addictions, and fear, or enhance performance. It’s a technique I use every day to keep me moving forward and in the flow.  You can learn more about Neurosculpting® here.

The friend and ally that’s the easiest to get on your side is your own mind. A strong, creative, flexible mind is the best asset you can have.

Check out my Neurosculpting® class schedule to find a good time to start making your brain work for you instead of against you. Better yet, get started right now — for no dinero and virtually no sweat. Download here a simple three step plan that I use to free up energy and momentum when I feel stuck. You can use it to start moving forward immediately and begin the life you’ve been looking for.

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